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Thank you for using this website. We hope it was of full help to you. Here are some instructions which might be useful in explaining what this website does and how it can help you. The IP Address application is the most basic of internet tools.

All that is required is for you to enter the website URL and press enter; as soon as the browser opens you will be given the exact IP address which you are using. This website will save you time by giving you a quick way of seeing what your IP is. There is no need for you to use the long way of checking your IP when it can easily be accessed on the internet.

IP addresses are shown in a row of numbers and are very easy to read. They look something like this 697.46.421.2 or can also look like this, 2013:dc4:0:2423:0:72:18:2, depending on where you reside. So it the IP shown above looks like one of these, then you have been given the correct IP address.
The numbers can change after a while depending on if you are only using one address or more than one. This is not something to worry about as it is normal with various types of internet users.

The site is very easy to understand and cannot cause any problems for even the most simplest of web users. The only thing needed of you is to access the web page; no mouse clicks or further uses required. The site works to provide you with what you asked for in less than a second. This application is fast and can give you the IP information very easily. The font in which the IP address is shown is big enough for even the most near sighted people to see.

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